Accurate, detailed maps are a critical part of the assessment function. Maps provide a visual inventory of all real property within a jurisdiction, and when overlaid with aerial photographs, contour lines, utilities, and other features, they become invaluable tools in a multitude of governmental and commercial applications.

Because agencies in addition to the Assessor saw the potential value in this emerging technology, a consortium comprised of Lenoir City Utilities Board, Loudon Utilities Board, Loudon County Economic Development Agency, Loudon County E-911, and Loudon County Property Assessor, formed a Loudon County GIS Board in 1998 to be governed by a multi-party Interlocal Agreement.

As one of the region's early adopters of GIS technology, Loudon County GIS helped lay the groundwork for a decade of economic progress in Loudon County. Today's GIS technology is powered by a digital geo-database, featuring color orthophotography at scales of up to 1:100 and powerful Mapviewer software that allows virtually instantaneous display of complex data whether in the office or in the field.

Customizable maps are available to the general public by visiting, calling, or e-mailing Jim Brewster. Minimal fees are charged for our digital and printed products to help cover the cost of the program.

LCGIS Mapping Price List

Please call Jim Brewster at 458-2059 for more information or to place an order.


Parcel Plot

Letter size, tabloid size (11" x 17"), or ANSI D-size (24" x 36") map of a specific parcel showing planimetric, property, addressing, and topographic information. Scale is determined by parcel size and choice of map size and will be denoted on map.

Standard Map

Loudon County standard grid map consisting of planimetric, topographic, addressing, and property information plotted in ANSI D-size.


Digital Planimetric Data

A single digital file of a Loudon County standard grid map sheet with planimetric features in ESRI (ArcView) Shapefile format. Planimetric data is licensed per map sheet.

Digital Topographic Data

A single digital file of a Loudon County standard grid map sheet with topographic features in ESRI Shapefile format. Data is licensed per map sheet.

Countywide Coverage

A single digital file of Loudon County streets, road centerlines, road names, and municipal boundaries in ESRI Shapefile format. Data may be used to create maps and other hard copy products for sale. Per license agreement, data may not be transferred or sold in digital format to other users.