Important Dates for Property Owners


Tax bills are mailed for the current tax year.

January 1

Property appraisals, location, and ownership status established as of this date. County-wide reappraisal is done every four years (2013, 2017, 2021, etc.), not annually.

February 1

Assessor furnishes business tax payers personal property schedules.

February 28

Last day to pay previous year's property taxes. Deadline to apply for tax relief

March 1

Deadline for filing self-reporting forms for business personal property. Deadline to apply for Greenbelt status. Unpaid taxes become delinquent, and penalty begins to accrue.

April 1

Mobile home park forms are due in the Assessor's office.

May 20

Deadline to apply for tax exempt status. Assessor must note all assessments before this date. Assessment change notices are mailed prior to this date.

Last week of May

Appointments made with County Board of Equalization

June 1

Assessor turns over property records to the County Board of Equalization. CBOE commences its session.

First week of June

County Board of Equalization meets


County legislative body sets tax rate.

1st Monday in October

On or before this date, county tax rolls must be delivered to the Trustee. Taxes become due and payable.